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We're back!
« on: February 11, 2016, 06:46:44 PM »
Just like the mythical Phoenix, we once again rise from the ashes! You can't keep a good man ( station) down!

Due to the demise of Live365, we are giving Radionomy another go. Our first attempt several months ago fell flat on it's face, not due to the lack of effort or poor programming, but rather we failed to meet the average listening hours requirement. We must secure an audience that listens for an average of 12/hr day for the first 90 days to remain on the air, and 130/hr day after 9 months or face deletion. Yikes! Those are quite the requirements for our particular genre but we're re-motivated and giving it our best shot.

We're now broadcasting at 128k and the sound quality is better than ever! No real commercials, per se, however Radionomy likes to toss in various songs into the broadcast from time to time, two per hour usually at the quarter-after and quarter-of marks. They're generally of a hip-hop variety and typically no more than a couple minutes long, this is their way of generating revenue, not a big deal far as I'm concerned. Hopefully, you won't find it too annoying. (Looks like they're mixing it up, sometimes music sometimes actual commericials.  Update 2/22/2016)

Along with a new stream comes a new webpage, so pardon any technical glitches that may occur over the next several weeks, please bare with us. Registration is currently disabled.

Now in our 15th year, we hope to continue serving up them killer sounds you've grown accustomed to!

Look for the Radionomy app in your favorite app store for listening on the go. Spread the word and keep listening!

Now also on TuneIn Radio as well. (Update 2/12/16)